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Privacy Policy


1.1 This Privacy Policy has been prepared by IKK Mobile Games Development in order to show our responsible attitude to the collection and storage of personal data of our players (hereinafter referred to as "Users"). When a user uses our product, he confirms that he has read and agrees with all the provisions specified in this privacy policy.


1.2 This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data that we collect when you access our products, but not the actions of companies or individuals that we do not control.


1.3 Our applications do not collect data related to the user's identity. But in order to be able to improve our products, we collect some statistical data about its users:


1. Device type

2. Device identification number

3. Country and region

4. Duration and progress of the game session

5. Messages about possible problems

6. We may collect information about user actions on websites and applications of other companies only if the user has additional consent


1.4 Paid subscriptions and in-app purchases are protected from accidental purchase and are governed by the rules of Apple or Google (depending on the source). In addition, we would like to note that the use of paid functions is absolutely voluntary and optional for full participation, and the decision to use these functions is always up to the user.


1.5 We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The personal data processing regime operates in accordance with the current version of this policy.

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