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General provisions:


Offer is a public offer of the Administration, addressed to any person, to conclude a User Agreement with him (hereinafter referred to as the Rules of the Game) on the existing terms contained in the Rules of the Game.


Acceptance is the full and unconditional acceptance by the player of the terms of the Rules of the Game.

The acceptance of these Rules of the Game is the Player's registration in the Game application on iOS or Android, by installing and registering in the corresponding applications posted by the Administration in the AppStore and GooglePlay app stores, as well as by further logging in and launching the Game on their devices.

The Administration has the right, at its discretion and without the consent of the Players, to make changes to the Game and the Rules of the Game. 

The Administration has the right to carry out preventive maintenance and suspend the operation of the Game for preventive maintenance. If possible, the Administration of the Game conducts preventive maintenance at night. 

Technical support for Players is provided on working days from 10.00 to 18.00 Moscow time via the feedback form on the game's website at: The following actions are prohibited in the Game, general gaming and other channels:


1.1. Using a mat, a veiled mat, other profanity or insulting interlocutors.

1.2. Posting information aimed at distracting Users from the topic of conversation and Games (flood).


1.3. Begging (requests to transfer real money, game gold, game values, etc.) in any form, aimed at individual or all Users.


1.4. Using another User's Account, selling, transferring, buying an Account, including by exchanging or receiving as a gift.

It is prohibited to post information, including chat information, containing the intention to transfer, sell or purchase an Account or in-game currency to another User.

1.5. The use of insults that sow discord on racial, national, religious or gender grounds.


1.6. The dissemination of personal information of third parties, including home addresses, phone numbers, passport data, without their consent.

1.7. Posting false information about the Game, Administration, moderators, Users and other persons.

1.8. Extortion or extortion of personal information from Users.

It is prohibited to post information of any nature in order to gain access to User Accounts and personal data, to carry out financial scams and electronic fraud. Such information, among other things, includes:


posting links to third-party resources disguised as official company resources;

sending Users any personal messages on behalf of the Administration and moderators, including an offer to transfer data or install software;

impersonating representatives of the Administration or moderators.

1.9. Placement of pornographic and erotic materials or links to them in the Game.

1.10. Direct or indirect propaganda of narcotic substances and alcohol.

1.11. Threats against Users, Administration, Moderators or other persons.

1.12. Placement of advertising messages of any kind.

1.13. Discussion of issues of modern politics as deliberately provoking conflicts.

1.14. Insulting the Administration and moderators.


1.15. Provoking Users to violate the Rules of the game, the User Agreement and other rules.

1.16. Unsportsmanlike behavior in any form.

1.17. The use in direct or indirect form of the following nicknames and other names in the Game:


1.17.1. sowing discord on racial, national, religious, political, or gender grounds;

1.17.2. containing obscene, rude, abusive or offensive expressions or abbreviations;

1.17.3. containing advertising slogans, propaganda of alcoholic and narcotic substances.

1.18. The use or dissemination of information about ways to cause damage to the Game, the Administration, Users or other persons (bot programs, auto-clickers, prohibited mods for the Game, bugs, information about, etc.).


1.19. Obtaining game elements, game achievements, as well as in-game currency and other Additional features of the Game in violation of the Rules games.

1.20. Dissemination of any information about the Game and plans for their development, which is confidential. Such information includes any information not published as official news.

1.21. Use the Game in ways not provided for by the Rules of the game, other rules of the company, as well as beyond the normal gameplay.


1.22. Actions or posting of information that, in the opinion of the Administration, violate the law, moral and ethical norms or are undesirable.

1.23. Inside the game, it is forbidden to discuss the game balance or game logic in general in a negative way. There is a rule "don't like it — don't play" or "there is a suggestion — write to support". The game environment is designed for the game.


2. Chat moderation

2.1. The chat is moderated by the administration


2.2. In case of violations, a fine is applied in the form of a complete blocking of access to the game for a period determined by the administration individually


4. In-app purchases (purchases for real currency)


4.1. All in-app purchases are considered a voluntary donation to the project


4.2. No claims related to the effect on the gameplay from the benefits received as a result of in-app purchases are accepted


4.3. The money that was spent on in-app purchases is not returned


5. About the game account and its confirmation


5.1. It is forbidden to have more than one game account in the game. In case of identification of several accounts, all discredited accounts may be permanently blocked


5.2. By confirming the email, the user guarantees that he is the owner


of it


5.3. The email specified and confirmed for the first time is not subject to change in any situations


5.4. It is prohibited to use one email for two or more gaming accounts


5.5. Binding by email is the main and only way to save game progress

6. About inactive teams


6.1. The Administration reserves the right to delete the user's team if the account has been inactive for a year


6.2 The maximum number of accumulated rewards during team downtime is limited to 2500 rewards. All awards received after reaching this mark will be burned



7. The game is provided to the user in accordance with the generally accepted business practice in the world – the principle of "AS IS" ("as it is"). The administration does not guarantee that the game does not contain programming errors.

8. The app is designed to work on smartphones with pre-installed AppStore and GooglePlay app stores. The administration does not guarantee that the functionality will work on emulators, outdated devices, and in cases where the application is not installed through the official GooglePlay and AppStore stores.

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